March 29, 2023

real digital steps forward; Understand how the new currency will work

a central bank advanced with real digital, which is scheduled to be launched at the end of 2024. The process of creating a central bank digital currency (CBDC) reached a new stage this month with the completion of the first phase, which brought together companies with Suggested Use Cases for Real Digital.

The creation of the new version of the real promises to be a decisive response by central banks to the actions of issuers Digital currenciesLike the Bitcoin and the Ethereum.

The idea is for the CBDC to act as a file “Smart Picks”. she can be used in operations paymentsAnd TransfersAnd investmentsAnd exchange that it Create valuable reserves.

In the currency it will be possible to link a transfer under certain conditions. The citizen will be able, for example, to program the use of money, which will not be liquidated unless it is respected Agreed terms.

Technology can Credit card replacement In transactions such as purchases and subscriptions to streaming services.

You will use the new currency The same cryptocurrency technologyHey blockchainwhich will store all system information, but in its own network that it monitors central bank. purpose of use blockchain It is a guarantee of traceability and security.

Brazilian CBDC should be launched Increase competitiveness In providing technological innovations and reducing costs in the payment and transfer system.

Preliminary test results will help BC determine the design of the real digital. The experimental phase will last for a period of time 18 monthsand anticipating the issuance of the first digital rent At the end of 2024.