December 9, 2022
Real Madrid dominate and beat Juventus and win the first pre-season

Real Madrid dominate and beat Juventus and win the first pre-season

Real Madrid scored its first victory in a pre-season friendly match, today (30), over Juventus. At the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California (USA), the Merengue team beat the Italians 2-0 in their last commitment before the debut of the 2022/2023 season.

Real dominated the match, not much threatened and scored a goal with Karim Benzema, from a penalty kick, in the first half, and Asensio, in the final stage.

The current heroes of the heroes, before Madrid lost to Barcelona And the directed with america mexico In pre-season.

a Real Madrid She is now preparing for her first official match of the season, against Frankfurt, in the UEFA Cup, a competition that pits the Champions League and Europa League champions against each other. The match will take place on Wednesday at 16:00 (Brasilia time).

Juventus will play a friendly match with Atletico Madrid next Sunday (7), at 3:45 pm (GMT), at Bloomfield Stadium, in Tel Aviv, Israel. The old lady’s first official match will be on August 15, against Sassuolo, for the Italian championship.

Lightning target?

With his beginnings on the pitch, Real Madrid did not want to waste time and came close to opening the scoring in the first step of the match. After leaving the ball, Valverde crossed into the area from the right and Benzema pushed the ball into the back of the net. However, the referee indicated a handicap.

Juventus pressure

After panicking over the merengue team’s lightning attack, Juventus grew into the match. Exchanging passes in the offensive field and catching Benzema and Vinnie Junior in the defense field, she had her first big chance in the 11th minute of the first half, with a free kick from Bonucci, who hit the crossbar from Courtois.

On the other hand, Real Madrid had the freedom to exchange passes in the middle, but struggled to create offensive plays against the strong Italian defensive system.

Look at the meringue duo!

Benzema celebrates with Vinnie Junior his goal for Real Madrid against Juventus in a friendly match

Photo: Omar Vega/Getty Images

The duo of Karim Benzema and Vinicius Jr. have shown that they are still in sync. The Brazilian took advantage of Vlahovic’s mistake to pull off Merengue’s counterattack and ended up dropping him inside the area. The referee scored the penalty kick and Benzema did not miss it and put the Spanish team ahead in the 17th minute of the first half.

Real dominated the match after scoring their captain and number 9 shirt. With the freedom to rotate the ball, Ancelotti’s men managed the match, always looking for the inspiring attacking duo, who roamed across the field. However, Merengue’s team did little to frighten the opponent’s goal.


The second half started with Juventus trying to consolidate the movements since Perin – despite Real Madrid’s high mark – struggled to get close to Courtois’ goal. Meanwhile, Real Madrid waited for Philha Senhora to come out quickly and try to expand the mark. When he got the ball, he roamed around the Italian area looking for loopholes to offside.

sur berine

Goalkeeper Perin shone in the second half, with two key interventions to keep Juventus alive in the match. In the 13th minute, Carvajal faced the archer head-on after a pass from Vinicius Junior. Best for a goalkeeper who saved well.

Five minutes later, he greeted Benzema at the entrance to the area and finished in Perrin’s corner that extended to save the ball.


Carlo Ancelotti made eight changes for Real Madrid in the 20th minute of the second half, and it was these names that increased Merengo’s result. After a beautiful exchange of passes in the 23rd minute, Vallejo received on the left flank and a low cross pass to score Asensio’s second goal for Real.