February 8, 2023

Receivables are not returned

new coup using a name central bank Victims sacrificed in Brazil, indicating funds available through the SVR system. Criminals have been sending messages telling people that they can now refer to the tool to see if they have any value available, with instant withdrawals through PIX. See how to protect yourself.

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The message also mentions a link for victims to click on, as well as indicating that the person may have amounts related to inheritance, benefits, forgotten rights, and even money in a bank account. Criminals are still posting that more than 20 million Brazilians have already withdrawn resources and the advisory is valid until this month.

Values ​​Receivable scam

In some cases, criminals show a wrong value indicating the amount a person is available to withdraw. They also send some instructions that must be followed by those who want to receive the money immediately.

According to the Federal Police, with the intention of the coup received value system It is the theft of victims’ data and the creation of new accounts, the creation of debts on behalf of Brazilians.

Messages are sent via WhatsApp as well as on social networks. Scammers use the central bank’s signature and even make fake prints to show that others have supposedly profited.

But attention: It’s just another hit on the market! After clicking the link, the victim is directed to a form asking for name and other personal information, such as CPF.

What do you do if you receive the message?

The Federal Police advises against clicking on any link, mainly due to the fact that the system of amounts due is still suspended and the Central Bank in no way sends links through social networks, and even less via WhatsApp.

Any victim should ask the civil police as soon as possible to file a police report. When the system is released, according to the Central Bank, the query and all other steps will be done through the official website of Valores Receivable.