July 14, 2024

Refund the fourth installment of income tax this month; Learn how to consult

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Anyway, good news for taxpayers. The Federal Revenue reports that consultations for the fourth installment of the 2022 IRPF should be released next week.

The news was already awaited as it was announced since July, however, the position of the body indicates that the predictions were correct. This year alone, the IRS claimed it received nearly 36.3 million returns from taxpayers, which is 2.2 million more than expected.

Therefore, a lot of people are waiting for some refund and in this article we are going to show you how you can consult and see if you have any money to get it back.

Income tax refund
Find out how to consult the fourth batch of IRPF – Photo: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia/pronatec.pro.brReceit

Income tax refund can lead to taxpayer “heaviness”

Undoubtedly, many of those who send ads Income tax We hope to get some money back. And some can earn good amounts of money which, of course, has more to do with the financial reality of the citizen.

Plus, since people can only check if they’ll be included in any of the refund pools a week before the payment date, the forecast isn’t left unresolved. More so in an economic scenario like the current scenario where any additional income is welcome. However, it is important to remember that this income tax return is only granted to taxpayers who paid more taxes than they should in 2021.

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How to consult the fourth batch of refund

As noted above, the taxpayer only has access to refund collections a week in advance through consultations issued by Federal Revenue. At the moment, there are only two of them left, the dates have also been set. On August 31, the fourth batch can be verified and on September 30, the fifth batch can be verified. To find out if you are entitled to any amount, go to solucoes.receita.fazenda.gov.br/Servicos/ConsRest/Atual.app/paginas/index.asp And inform your CPF and date of birth. Automatically, information about whether or not you have received the ransom will appear on the screen.

Who Made the IRPF Declaration in 2022?

  • Persons with taxable income above R$28,559.70 in 2021;
  • who received, in 2021, an income that is exempt, non-taxable or exclusively taxable from the source, the amount of which exceeds 40 thousand RRL;
  • who, in any month of 2021, obtains capital gains from the disposal of taxable assets or rights, or carries out operations on stocks, commodities, futures and similar exchanges;
  • who had a total income of more than R$ 142,798.50 in rural activities in 2021;
  • who had, as of December 31, 2021, possession or ownership of goods or rights, including abstract land, in aggregate amounts of more than R$300,000;
  • who became a resident of Brazil in any month and remained so until December 31, 2021;
  • Persons who are exempt from capital gains tax on the sale of residential property, and then the acquisition of another residential property within 180 days.

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