Refunds of overpayments of Hydro-Québec: the opposition keeps up the pressure

The opposition keeps up pressure on the government Legault for that they will refund the overpayment of Hydro-Québec. A petition is now online on the website of the national Assembly.

On Thursday, the interim liberal leader, Pierre Arcand, has returned to the charge, accusing the prime minister François Legault to have “literally tricked” thousands of people.

In 2017, the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ), which formed the second official opposition, had invited canadians to sign a petition demanding the repayment of $ 1.5 billion in overpayments.

About 50, 000 people had responded to the call of the CAQ, which as then such overpayment of tax in disguise and backstab.

But since he is in power, Mr. Legault refuses to pay, arguing that he never promised to do so during the election campaign.

He argued that Quebecers have more money in their wallets thanks to its government, which will reduce the school tax and will increase tax credits for families.

In addition, he promises that the hydro-electricity rates would never exceed the rate of inflation. “There will be no more of this with a government of the CAQ. Never,” he hammered on Thursday.

But the opposition parties do not budge: the CAQ has “fooled” the people of Quebec. “Admit to Quebecers, that you have deceived, has launched the liberal critic for energy, Saul Polo. Pay off and apologize.”

The interim leader of the Parti québécois, Pascal Bérubé, Mr. Legault replied, a tone of exasperation: “Where does he suggest that we take the $ 1.5 billion?”

44, 000 signatures

The prime minister is bogged down in this issue of the overpayment of Hydro-Québec since its arrival in government.

Moreover, a petition calling for a total refund of the overpayment, which was launched last Friday by the canadian taxpayers Federation (FCC), has amassed up to 44, 000 signatures.

“The opposition, François Legault said that this money belonged to Quebec, and that the prime minister should reimburse them. Now that he is prime minister, it is time that he honors his word”, said by way of a press release Renaud Brossard, quebec director of the FCC.

On Thursday, the member pq Sylvain Gaudreault announced that he would sponsor the petition for it to appear on the web site of the national Assembly, and, until 28 may 2019.

Once the period of signature complete, he will present it to all the members of the national Assembly and may propose that you study in a parliamentary commission. The government must respond to all petitions.

“It could be, for example, to make a public comment; it could be to hear the CEO of Hydro-Quebec, Mr. (Eric) Martel, to come and tell us why he does not want to repay the overpayment, imagine all the initiative mandates possible,” a delighted Mr. Gaudreault in point of press.

According to Hydro-Quebec, the sum of $ 1.5 billion represents the difference between the return authorized by the Régie de l’énergie and the actual performance.

Last march, the State-owned company, has unveiled profits of 2.84 billion $, then they had been of 2.86 billion $ in the previous year.

This result included a charge of $ 45 million attributable to the sharing of a part of the performance gaps with the client Hydro-Québec.

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