May 31, 2023
Adriano Machado/ Reuters

Regina Duarte will have to return 319,000 reais from Roanne’s bill – Culture

actress Regina Duartewho was the private secretary for culture in the government Bolsonaro, was denied accountability for a project funded by the Law of Roaneh. Now, you will have to return 319.6 thousand RRL to the National Fund for Culture.

The information is contained in a bulletin in the Official Gazette on Thursday, 21st. Helio Ferraz de Oliveirathe current secretary, rejects an appeal from the company A Vida É Sonho Produções Artísticas, which belongs to the actress and her children, and therefore, refuses to question the play’s project heart bazaar.

The magazine conducted a survey of the issue a lookwho found that the assessment of the technical field of the then Ministry of Culture, in 2018, refused to provide the accounts for the passage in question, for which Regina Duarte was able to collect an amount of 321,000 Brazilian reais.

In the magazine’s report, Regina’s son and partner, Andre Duarte, said impeachment had been dismissed through a detail deemed a “mistake”. According to him, what led to the refusal was the fact that they did not provide evidence that the play did not charge tickets for performances made between 2004 and 2005, an analogue of the project that was included in the contract.


At the invitation of President Jair Bolsonaro to head the culture file, actress Regina Duarte took over from Roberto Alvim, who was fired after the publication of a video in which he referred to Nazism. She was the fourth person to hold this position as a district secretary in the government.

In an administration full of failures and which displeased a large part of those working in the cultural sector, Regina could not stay in office for long. The actress was acquitted in 2020 with the president’s guarantee that she would take a position at Cinemateca Brasileiro, which never happened. For his post of Special Secretary for Culture, Bolsonaro chose actor Mario Frias, who left the government in 2022.

Culture in the Bolsonaro government

The Ministry of Culture was terminated by President Jair Bolsonaro on November 28, 2018. The district was incorporated into the Ministry of Citizenship, and a year later, on November 7, 2019, the Special Secretariat for Culture became part of the Ministry of Culture. tourism.

José Henrique Pérez, First Secretary when culture was still in the Citizenship Department, was dismissed from his position on August 21, 2019. José Paulo Soares Martins, Deputy Secretary and Secretary for Promotion and Incentives for Culture, took up the position – soon after, with the appointment of economist Ricardo Braga, in September 4, he left office. Braga was expelled on November 6 to go to education and Roberto Alvim became the new Private Secretary for Culture. After using excerpts from Nazi speech in a video in which he presented what would be the new Brazilian culture, he was expelled on January 17. The name of the actress Regina Duarte, who supported the presidential campaign of Jair Bolsonaro, appeared again. Regina Duarte said yes to Bolsonaro and became her government’s fourth private secretary for culture. For the place of Regina, actor Mario Frias was chosen, but this year he left the wallet. Currently, the position is in the hands of Helio Ferraz.

Girlfriend from Brazil

Born in Franca, in the interior of São Paulo, on February 5, 1947, the daughter of a retired military lieutenant and a housewife, Regina Duarte became one of the main names in Brazilian television. With a career spanning over 50 years, she has been on both sides of politics.

In 1975, when the series was shown Rocky Santero Banned by the military dictatorship on the eve of the premiere, the actress, who was not in the cast but was already “Brazil’s girlfriend”, went to Brasilia to protest. In the 1985 version, she was a widow of pigs. In 2002, while supporting Jose Serra’s presidential campaign, he uttered the phrase that would become famous: “I’m afraid.” His fear was that Lula would win the elections.

In 2018, she spoke publicly in favor of Jair Bolsonaro’s candidacy in an interview with Estado. According to the actress, Bolsonaro has “a hilarious sense of humour of the 1950s, which brings up anti-gay jokes, but that’s just talk, stuff from an old and outdated culture.” The last TV series that Regina acted in was It’s time for love (2017), by Alcides Nogueira and Bia Corrêa do Lago.