February 5, 2023

Regina gets bloody in a cruel crime; See Who Dies TV News

Regina (Mel Lisboa) will go all or nothing in the penultimate chapter of Face and guts This Thursday (11). You will invade Gusmão’s mansion and point a gun at Clarice (Tais Araújo). However, Leo (Ocaro Silva) will jump in front of his sister to save her and thus earn his redemption in Opera Globo VII.

The vixen will lose her mind when she discovers that Alexei (Alexandre Galindo) has been murdered by Ostalo (Paolo Lisa) in a confrontation with the police. The mobster had promised Dagmar’s daughter (Guida Vianna) that he would get her out of the country as soon as possible – just in time so she wouldn’t go to jail for assaulting her ex-sister-in-law.

Out of control, Mel Lisboa’s character will prepare to invade the apartment and take down Clarice. “I will not be judged for a death that did not happen,” she exclaims, ready to complete the Lagoa crime.

“Clarice is there, alive. And my life is over, I had to stay here in this house hell, in this place. But I’m not going to screw myself up on my own,” adds, who will also play Anita (Tess Araujo) as hostage.

the the news Found that Clarice and Leonardo and Anita They’ll be arguing in her room when the suspenseful music starts to play. Viewers will see Regina throw her bag into a corner and draw her gun. She will search Gusmãos apartment until she comes face to face with the trio and committing murder.

The continuation of the drama will be shown in the final chapter on Friday (13). All dialogue is subtracted from the script, but it contains photos of Regina being arrested, taken by Marcela (Julia Lund), Paolo (Fernando Caruso), and other police officers.

Italian He will make it to the door of the building in time to see that she is put into the police car, handcuffed. Author Claudia Soto writes: “Regina’s expression is one of bewilderment and pain at thwarted plans.” Another sequence will appear The devastation of the killing is seen through the eyes of Clarice and Martha (Claudia de Moura).

There would then be the passage of time, and the series would jump to Regina and Danilo rule (Ricardo Pereira). He will be arrested after trying to flee the country with Rebeca (Mariana Santos), Suso (Alice Camargo) and Chiquinho (Guilherme Tavares).

Cara and Courage will be replaced as of next Monday (16th) by Go in the faithPlot By Roseanne Svartman And this is important Sherron Menezes as Sol.

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