September 25, 2022
Registration for the teaching position ends on Saturday (17/9).

Registration for the teaching position ends on Saturday (17/9).

inscriptions for selective process Professorship in Social Work for Commerce (Sesc-DF) ends on Saturday (9/17). Vacancies are Teaching Portuguese, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Robotics, Space Maker, Educational Computing, Geography, Arts and English.

Registrations can be done on the Sesc-DF website, at selective process.

The approval of the registration was also extended until Sunday (18/9). In this process, it will be necessary to attach a graduation diploma (front and back) and proof of experience as required by the requirements.

The validation process has an exclusionary character and only those candidates who make the validation will be invited to the next stage. The documents of those who pass the theoretical technical evaluation will be analyzed.

The specific knowledge test application will be a final stage, with the submission deadline set for September 24th. Knowledge will be measured, as mentioned in the description of each discipline.

Proof of requirements

To substantiate the requirements, candidates will undergo an analysis of the submitted documents, which aims to validate the evidence of job requirements. Candidates with illegible documents, incomplete or information that does not match what was requested will not be eligible to continue with this selection.

In the exclusion phase, candidates will be made available to attach documents, with analysis starting on September 29th. In the practical assessment, there will be a simulation of work in order to objectively assess the candidate’s skills in the area. The elimination and qualification phase will take place from October 24.

Candidates will be evaluated according to their practical/applicable knowledge about teacher performance.

The final process will be the behavioral assessment. At this stage, there will be an analysis of the behavioral competencies of the position in order to check adherence to characteristics and attitudes and alignment with the job, region and organization. This stage is eligible and will take place from November 9th.