Religious signs: the QLP rejects definitively the “compromise” Bouchard-Taylor

Signes religieux: le PLQ rejette définitivement le «compromis» Bouchard-Taylor

The Quebec liberal Party (QLP) will oppose and finally to the project of the government Legault prohibit the wearing of religious symbols for State employees in a position of authority, ruled Friday, the interim leader Pierre Arcand.

The day before, he was shown to be open to discussion on the wearing of religious symbols and had promised to listen to the report of the spokesman of the party in terms of secularism, Hélène David, on the different possible avenues.

During a press briefing Friday noon, it was announced that the liberal caucus meeting since Thursday in Quebec city, maintains its traditional position.

“The position seemed to us fairly clear and fairly clear on the part of all members,” he said.

“The Quebec liberal Party is the party of individual freedoms. Freedom of religion is enshrined in the Charter of rights and freedoms of the person, and we never will endorse the position of the CAQ, which wants to ban the wearing of religious signs for employees in a position of authority.”

The government Legault argues that there is a consensus in Quebec around the report Bouchard-Taylor, 2008, which recommends the prohibition of the wearing of religious symbols for judges, police, prosecutors and prison guards. The government intends to add to this list teachers.

Two weights, two measures?

The liberal opposition have asked about how the government will manage to enforce this prohibition.

“There will there be two weights, two measures between public schools and private schools? Between federal employees and the employees of the State of quebec? Between the provincial judges and federal judges? questioned Mr. Arcand.

On the eve of the parliament is back in session, it did not take long to initiate hostilities.

“Mr. Legault is in a straight line to create in Quebec currently, many divisions,” he said.

The LIBERALS will not go therefore no further than the obligation to give and receive public services with their faces uncovered. The former government Couillard had passed a law in 2017, which is now being challenged in the courts.

The proposed prohibition by the government of the Coalition avenir Québec goes well beyond this law and it is “a direct violation of a right and a freedom that is freedom of religion,” said Ms. David.

The liberals have deemed it the right moment to show their colors, while the prime minister François Legault procrastinating on a clause of the protection of acquired rights for current employees, in addition to holding controversial comments on islamophobia.

“We felt it was good today to say: “Listen, here’s a political party here in Quebec, which is a political party that believes in the freedoms, the individual liberties,”” said Mr. Arcand.

The work of the parliament will resume next Tuesday.

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