November 28, 2022
Imagem de: Relembre os 10 melhores títulos coop de Super Nintendo

Remember the top 10 Super Nintendo co-op titles

Among the hundreds of games released for Super NintendoMany of them offer the possibility to play cooperatively with a friend, which makes this experience even better.

In this way, this list is organized by voxel To highlight some of the best titles on the Nintendo console with a two-player option. So, you can remember a time when co-op was synonymous with gathering friends at home, chatting away, and of course the game “whistling.”

1. foolish soldiers

And truth be told, foolish soldiers It’s a game that hasn’t caused as much fanfare abroad as it has here in Brazil. Whether it’s to enjoy in the store or at home, he’s had the perfect formula for hours of fun.

The idea here is to guide Goofy and Max through levels that included a bit of strategy to solve some puzzles, as well as confrontations against various enemies and bosses. There are a number of elements scattered throughout the scenarios to help the journey progress, and working with your partner is essential to success.

two. mana secret

Super Nintendo was the birthplace of many RPG of weight, which is well remembered by society mana secretEspecially when it comes to gaming.

This is the only RPG on console that allows up to three players to share controls to advance through the dungeons, each one controlling a character. It is worth remembering once again that this is a game that requires interaction between partners in order for everything to work out and the fun to be complete.

3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4: Turtles in Time

Here’s a franchise that can’t go wrong when it comes to offering a good multiplayer game. This was already common in arcade titles, so it was to be expected that no interaction from the quartet on consoles would be far behind.

This was the only game Don, Mike, Leo, and Rapha starred for a 16-bit Nintendo console with Beat’em up gameplay, and was considered by many to be an excellent adaptation of an Arcade title – with the difference that you don’t need to worry too much about chips here.

4. Contra III: Aliens War

go through stages Contra III: Aliens War Alone is fun, but having a friend to help you out on this journey makes things even more enjoyable.

The title is perfectly designed so that players can have fun and get a dose of “Rambo”, especially in the confrontations against the bosses. Ask anyone who has had this experience and you will definitely have more than one specific recommendation for your co-op play.

5. Kirby Superstars

Pink Acorn games are usually made for a single player experience, but with Kirby Superstars Things were a little different.

This title was the first that offered the possibility to get help from a friend, and since we’re talking about a group with eight different campaigns, you’ll have a good deal of stages to tackle in pairs.

6. wild guns

The setting in the style of the Wild West and the many enemies to defeat is something that in itself already indicates that we are facing a game capable of being more fun with a partner.

Since one of the most memorable points of the game is related to the boss fights, doing so alongside a friend is undoubtedly a great culmination of the experience we see here.

7. Bucky and Rocky

Bucky and Rocky It is a game that has done very well in its premise by bringing elements from shmups (the popular spaceship games) to an adventure with characters on dry land.

By controlling the duo, your goal is to clear the scene from various enemies, collect some reinforcements along the way and do your best to get out of the boss fights alive. It may sound simple, but the title is able to offer a good challenge even in a two-player mode.

8. Aero fighters

The spaceship games have been very successful in the arcades, and there is a story that many remember well Aero fighters. Interestingly enough, the title also got a very convincing version (And now it’s too expensivefor Super Nintendo

The logic here is to choose a character and head to the battlefield with your ship. Each one has different attacks and special moves, and it’s up to you and your friend to choose the one you like best (or go for the favorite if you’re already familiar with the game).

9. Eating zombies my neighbors

By controlling two youngsters in a co-op mode, your goal here is to walk through the stages to defeat different creatures besides zombies and do everything to survive to the end.

In addition to the company of your ally or ally, you still have a large arsenal at your side to survive these encounters and reach the end of the game. Again, formatting here can help a lot going forward with some extensions, so don’t leave your friend behind.

10. Final Fight 3

Finally, we’ll close our list with the third title in the franchise final battle, In addition to the new characters (and two familiar faces) it also brought several mechanics to make the battles even better.

Join a friend to see how much more fun it is to punch thieves and use new moves and even specials in a coordinated way to leave enemies with less time to respond. It’s not worth fighting to see who gets the item to recover energy first!