March 29, 2023

Remember this device? It’s a new vintage craze for Gen Z!

Generation Z consists of young people born between 1995 and 2010, who are increasingly bored with modern technologies. Evidence for this is that they resort to old devices, as was the case with digital cameras. But now there is a new antique craze z generation Which is gaining more and more followers.

Rediscovering foldable phones

For those who were youngsters or teens in the 2000s, they are probably familiar with foldable cell phones, the ones that we need to “unfold” to access functionality. In this case, recent smartphones managed to beat these devices, but they are back thanks to the curiosity of Gen Z.

In fact, no one imagined that new teens would be ready to turn to old phones at some point. After all, these devices contained only basic applications, such as the ability to make calls, as well as some games. However, more and more young people are searching for these mobile phones and they think that they are “classic“.

Including that, there are actually a few celebrities who have really jumped on the bandwagon and committed to flipping phones. For example, singer-songwriter Camila Cabello used her social media to show off her “new” mobile phone. In the caption of the photo, she wrote, “I’m on the Mobile Revolution team.”

Behind the new fashion

For some professionals, this new commitment to new technologies may be a way to avoid the ubiquity of social networks in our time. It should be noted that more and more new studies indicate a disease in young adults and adolescents due to continuous exposure to nets.

In addition, there is already talk about how labor relations have managed to increase the burden on workers after smartphones. This is because it is already quite common for you to receive work messages on your cell phone all day long through WhatsApp.

On the other hand, phone companies are hoping to revive this phone model and add modern smartphone applications in flip devices. However, this change is likely not to be well received by young people, who prefer foldable phones precisely because of their “outdated” look and functionality.