December 4, 2022
Renan makes a decision in favor of Lou, in Cara e Coragem, and the ballerina breaks up |  Come to me around - come

Renan makes a decision in favor of Lou, in Cara e Coragem, and the ballerina breaks up | Come to me around – come

Remember Lu . accident

Lu had a serious accident while filming a commercial

More than ever, the choreographer wants it because he wants to get back together and decide for her.

On “Cara e Coragem”, Renan (Bruno Vagondes) decided that he and Lou (Vitoria Boone) would start dating again – Image: TV Globo

He told his ex-girlfriend, who indicated that he cheated on her with her Problems (Mika Makino)

Renan downplays the truth, and claims that it was a weakness, and that he would never leave the dancer’s side again:

“They hesitated with you, look at what state you are in! I will not let that happen again. I have already decided: we will be together.”

In Cara e Coragem, Lou (Vitória Bohn) is horrified by the situation of Renan (Bruno Fagundes) – Photo: TV Globo

Surprised and terrified by what she heard, Luo started screaming and kicked Renan out of her life.

“Get out of here, Renan! Get out! I’ve decided?! You’re not deciding anything for me anymore, Renan. Or you’re going to do the same thing you did before: Control me all the time! You want me to lock you up in your network of neuroses! Get out!”

If you thought Renan got the message, you were wrong!

Faced with the amazement of Olivia (Paula Brown), Renan (Bruno Vagondes) downplays the facts in Cara e Coragem – Image: TV Globo

He told her, “She’s not feeling well. She’s still taking medicine, because I just declared my love.” Olivia (Paula Brown).

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