November 30, 2022
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Renan plans ‘complicated’ match against renewed United States squad in Nations League

After two good wins in the beginning World Nations Association, Coach Renan Dal Zotto expects a more complex challenge for the Brazilian men’s volleyball team in the third match of the tournament. Brazil will face the United States’ updated team, but the coach is already facing difficulties.

“On Saturday we will have another tough match against the United States. They have an updated team, but they have a game system that will not change. One comes in, the other goes out. No doubt, “said Renan.

According to the coach, the combination of Brazil’s senior players in the 3-1 draw against Slovenia on Thursday was the trump card of the Brazilian team, and Saturday could make a difference as well. “The boys showed more courage in court, while the older ones gave balance and calm.”

With the fifth match marking Brazil’s second victory in the tournament, Renan felt the need to serve with greater consistency on the team. “We were ready for a long game in which service would be decisive. We started with a lot of mistakes in the first set, but then the service started to get more in favor of our defense and defense system. The team deserved it.”

One of Brazil’s highlights on the field is the mouse Rodriguez, who is in charge of 14 points, four of which are service. “We faced a team with excellent attacking energy, especially in service. We prepared for it and served hard, beating their pass. It paid off. The game came around: when we served well, we did not block the net… The match went well.”

The Brazilian team returns to the Nilsson Nelson Gymnasium Grounds in Brasilia on Saturday afternoon. The confrontation with the United States is scheduled for 15:00. The next day, the first round of the match against China ends at 10 am.