August 18, 2022
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Renata Capucci diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease

Four years after the discovery of Parkinson’s disease diagnosis, global journalist Renata Capucci, 49, decided to open the game of dealing with illness. The presenter discovered the disease in 2018, when she was participating in PopStar and noticed involuntary movements in her body and decided to seek help.

“It’s my time, it’s my time to free myself. Because living this secret is bad. You feel like you’re living a fake life, because somehow part of you is and you keep hiding the other part from others, in my case most people, because I’m a public person. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in October 2018 when I was 45. Today I am 49″, The journalist revealed, in the “This is Fantastic” podcast.


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“I don’t want you to feel sorry for me.”

As one of the contestants, Renata was on PopStar when someone asked her why she was limping. The journalist had not realized that she was limping and decided to seek medical help. However, even after physical therapy and an attempt with an orthopedist, he still had these symptoms.

Renata’s husband, a doctor, was the one who realized something was wrong and took her to a hospital with a neurological emergency, so she was diagnosed.

“Then at one point, in the middle of Popstar, after the sixth show, I was at home and my arm raised on its own, stiff. And my husband, a doctor, right after the program took me to a hospital who had a neurological emergency and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. He fell like An anvil over my head.” remembered.

Initially, when she was diagnosed, Renata suffered from depression and today, four years later, she is able to live peacefully with the disease and have treatments available to control the symptoms.

“Four years later, I’m fine, I’m happy. I don’t want to be a martyr. I don’t want you to feel sorry for me. On the contrary, I’m proud of my path. I’m proud of the way I’m facing this disease, because I’m facing it head on today.”It was said and concluded: “I’ve been through all the stages, from depression to denial. Today, I’m in stage five where I look at this disease firsthand and say, ‘Mr. Parkinson, I have you, you’re not with me.'”