February 4, 2023
Renato Gaucho weeps in speech in locker room as Flamengo board assesses immediate rupture |  flamingo

Renato Gaucho weeps in speech in locker room as Flamengo board assesses immediate rupture | flamingo

The defeat in Montevideo took on the features of Renato Gaucho’s last dance at the Flamengo.

And many external and internal questions, the coach could not contain himself and cried in his talk to the players after the loss to Palmeiras in the Libertadores final. With a contract until the end of the year, he has very remote chances of remaining at the club and the board of directors will assess whether the break will take place immediately or after Brazuela’s return to Rio. There is a chance that Renato will lead the team against Ciara, this Tuesday, in the Maracana.

Renato Gaucho Palm Trees x Flamengo – Photo: Getty Images

Renato took the floor at the prayer wheel in the locker room and could not hold back his tears. In an emotional letter, he said it was a pleasure working with such a group of players and leaving the future open.

Arriving in the locker room, the coach insisted on giving morale to Andreas Pereira, who was devastated by his failure to score a Palmeiras title goal. The midfielder could not stop crying and heard from Renato:

– You are not to blame for anything. Keep your head up. It’s not your fault. I used to be your age, and I know how hard it is, but you play a lot.

Andreas Pereira in Flamengo against Palmeiras in the final of the Libertadores – Photo: Andres Cuenca Olondo / Reuters

The players praised this attitude in the conversations, who also received affection from Renato in tears:

– When I was at Grêmio, I thought this group was from…. Now, I saw that you are much more than I thought. I apologize for anything I didn’t give the chance to. But it was a pleasure to work with you – he said in a farewell tone.

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Regardless of the outcome, the coach’s permanence was under scrutiny, both because of work that was not well evaluated, and because of everyday situations that irritate players. On Tuesday, the day of the match against Grêmio, for example, Renato did not go to the club’s CT to train the title holders, which caused an outcry.

“My contract expires on the 30th, and this question must be put to the president, to Marcos Prause, and to the board of directors. The decision is now up to the board,” he said at the post-match press conference.

Amid the aftermath of the tournament, he left the board to make a decision on returning to Rio de Janeiro. With four more matches in the Brazilian League remaining, the debate is between an immediate departure or waiting for the end of the season in search of a unanimous name.

Flamengo will return to Rio de Janeiro at dawn on Sunday, and next Tuesday will face Ceará in the Maracana, in the thirty-fifth round of the Brazilian League. With 67 points, the team is second behind Atlético MG, which has 75 points.