March 29, 2023

Renato sees Grêmio as superior in victory, but appreciates Gre-Nal: “Good football on both sides” | Association

Coach Renato Portaluppi approved of Grêmio’s performance in the 2-1 win at Gre-Nal on Sunday in the arena. In fact, not only grêmio’s performance, but the game as a whole. The coach praised his level in the classics and saw that the tri-colors outperformed his rival, Inter, in the match.

Grêmio 2 x 1 Internacional – Best Moment – Round 10 of the Gaucho Championship 2023

Renato said he spoke with coach Mano Menezes before the match started and spoke so that the teams could just focus on playing football. The performance given by Grêmio in the first match against opposition from Série A was approved by the coach. The goals came in the 48th minute of the first and second half.

– Winning a Gre-Nal tournament is always a separate tournament, there is always a rivalry. Grêmio sought the goal after 90 minutes. They left in addition, but played to win the 90th minute. I think you have to appreciate Gre-Nal. He got caught, that’s how it is, but we had a nice party in the stands. I spoke to Manu so we can play a good Gre-Nal team, so we can play good football and I think it’s been good on both sides. In my opinion, the Grêmio were superior, not least because they were looking for the goal the whole time, even suffering an equaliser. This is Gre-Nal, the most important thing is to make our fans happy – Renato was evaluated.

Renato defeats Grêmio in the Gre-Nal – Photo: Lucas Uebel/Grêmio

Grêmio wasted at least three goal-scoring chances in the first half and two more in the final stage. The coach attributes the finishing errors to the players’ lack of composure. However, he praised Grêmio’s pressing and creative attitude from the start of the game. According to him, the entry of Villasante in the middle and Fabio in the right wing was not due to the opponent.

– I do not put my team on the field according to the opinion of the opponent. Train the team to win. I knew Manu wouldn’t play the way he did, but that wasn’t the reason we changed. The choices were right, not because we won, but there are a lot of good people in every position. I’m getting ready to win matches, when the opponent comes, I don’t want to know, – continued Renato.

Grêmio beat Gre-Nal to 28 points, nine ahead of second-placed Inter. With this difference and the nine wins, Team Tricolor guarantees that a rematch of the Gauchão Final can take place in the arena, where it couldn’t be reached.

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