May 31, 2023

Renting an electric motorcycle for less than 5 USD is already a reality

Remember the bicycle rental fever in Brazilian capitals sponsored by banks and health plans? The evolution of this service has arrived in São Paulo, the largest city in the country, and promises to be a new craze: electric motorcycle rental.

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Likewise, through an app, renting an electric motorcycle, in addition to being a faster option, can also be more economical and sustainable for personal transportation than the costs of owning a motorcycle.

In São Paulo, the service is provided by Awto, a company specializing in car and motorcycle rental, and has been available in Brazil since October 2022. In the case of the electric motorcycle rental service, the initial price is R$4.90.

To date, there are about 200 Voltz electric motorcycles for rental service. The company owns 150 units of the EV1 Sport model and another 50 units of the EVS model. Awto’s current coverage is limited to the western region of São Paulo (SP), but the company plans to expand its area of ​​operation as demand for services increases.

How does Auto Electric Motorcycle Rental work?

To use the electric motorcycle rental service, interested parties must download the Awto app, which is available for Android and iOS. The customer must add his personal data to the register and take a photo of his National Driving License (CNH) in order to be able to rent the vehicle.

Motorcycles are available in approved Awto parking lots, and once registration and motorcycle reservation are approved, the trunk opens automatically.

The initial fee for rental is R$4.90, and in the case of renting electric bikes, the final price is included at R$1.20 per minute used by the consumer. The service does not charge for motorcycle kilometers, but for the time the customer uses the vehicles. Awto also offers plans for longer trips, but as of now they don’t have monthly or yearly plans.

Along with each motorcycle, Awto provides customers with two helmets, alcohol gel and new customer sanitary caps. The company is also responsible for recharging the batteries.

To make the return, the scooter can be parked in places reported by Awto in the app or in permitted public spaces, with an additional fee for the customer, and the company’s team will remove the vehicle.