Report income tax single: Justin Trudeau issues a categorical denial

Rapport d’impôts unique: Justin Trudeau émet un refus catégorique

OTTAWA – François Legault would not have been able to convince Justin Trudeau. The federal prime minister has answered a resounding no on Tuesday at the request of the government of Mr. Legault to establish an income tax return single managed by Quebec.

“We are always ready to work to simplify the life of Quebecers and of all Canadians, but we are not aligned with the government of Quebec on the idea of a report tax unique provincial,” said Mr. Trudeau, on his arrival at the meeting of his cabinet.

“I think the federal government has a responsibility to continue to collect taxes anywhere in Canada at the same time an announcement was made yesterday in Shawinigan for a new building for the workers of the Canada revenue Agency in Quebec and it is recognized that it is jobs that the remarks of Mr. Legault and Mr. Scheer put in danger (sic)”, he added.

The conservatives have tabled a motion to force the elected members of the House of commons to take a stand. The vote must take place on a Wednesday at the end of the day. They promise to acquiesce to the request of the prime minister Legault if they form a government in October 2019.

“When we talk with entrepreneurs, when you talk to the citizens, everyone, it’s simply ridiculous that we continue to Quebec to receive two documents each time, ( … ), as these documents are multiplied, that it necessarily takes more time,” said the conservative mp Alain Rayes.

François Legault had made the request at his meeting with Mr. Trudeau in Sherbrooke in January. The federal ministers Dominic LeBlanc and François-Philippe Champagne had then argued that this proposal would jeopardize the jobs of 5,000 employees in 14 centres and tax data managed by Ottawa in the province.

The first quebec minister had then acknowledged that there would be job losses that could be compensated for, according to him, by those he will create in the areas of education and innovation.

Justin Trudeau had already objected in may to the income tax return single administered by the quebec government, despite the consensus of the national Assembly. He could not see the need and believed that Quebec already had a lot “of control over immigration, language, culture”.

The New democratic Party (NDP) voted in favour of the income tax return is unique at its convention a year ago, but with the condition to protect jobs. It has since changed its stance.

“How he is going to do to remove all the work, and then all of the work is often seasonal, moreover, these workers and these workers without any job losses, has asked the mp Alexandre Boulerice room. According to all the homework you made and the assessments that we do, in this moment, it seems to be a chimera.”

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