May 30, 2023
Report: Weather conditions and insufficient planning caused a plane crash that killed Rep. Carly Campos Gerais and the South

Report: Weather conditions and insufficient planning caused a plane crash that killed Rep. Carly Campos Gerais and the South

This is what was stated in the final report of the investigation into the causes of the accident Center for Aviation Accidents Prevention and Investigation (SNIPA)of the Brazilian Air Force.

The plane left Guarapuavain the central district of Paraná, with a destination Victory Union, in the southern region. However, he fell into Paula Freitas31 km from the exact place of landing.

Pilot Larcio Tavares da Silva and passenger Luis Fernando Correa de Sousa were also killed in the accident.

According to the report, the Uniao da Vitoria area was foggy and had no conditions for visual flight.

The document notes that weather conditions “impaired the pilot’s perception of the aircraft’s external environment, which encouraged the loss of visual signals and contributed to the accident.”

According to Senepa, the pilot learned that the weather was unfavorable, as he consulted officials at União da Vitória airport about 30 minutes before takeoff.

“There were shortcomings in the preparations for the flight, including the lack of an accurate assessment of the weather conditions for the route and destination,” the document cited.

In addition, the investigation indicates that the agents found documents on the plane showing unofficial procedures for landing at Uniao da Vitoria Airport.

“It is noteworthy that the use of an informal procedure to perform landing at a site operating only under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) consisted of non-compliance with the rules in force at the time this occurred,” he notes.

According to the investigation, this type of procedure is often used by pilots who fly in the region, especially on days with unfavorable weather conditions.

The report also states that the pilot was qualified and had valid permits to fly. The aircraft documentation has also been updated.

The Brazilian Air Force asserts that investigations do not identify the perpetrators and have no judicial implications. Prepared reports prevent new accidents and improve flight safety.

According to advisor Bernardo Carli, the vicar was going to União da Vitória to take part in the church ceremony, at the invitation of the city’s mayor.

It was difficult to get to the place where the plane crashed, in the area of ​​eucalyptus plantations.

Pictures attached to the investigation show that a number of eucalyptus trees were damaged in the crash, indicating that the plane was traveling at high speed, according to the report.

According to Sniba, signs of the plane hitting vegetation were found at a distance of 60 meters, right up to the place where the plane stopped.

The photo attached to the report shows eucalyptus trees damaged by the plane crash – Photo: Reproduction / Snipa

In addition, the report indicated that the engines separated from the aircraft, one of which was found 10 meters from the fuselage, and the other in a stream, eight meters from the aircraft.

Investigators also estimated that the plane may have caught fire after hitting the trees, as traces of fire appeared in the vegetation and carbonation on the bodies of two victims.

Senepa said the deaths were caused by multiple infections as a result of their impact on vegetation and soil.

The map shows the distance between the departure and the city of the crash where Vice President Bernardo Carli was – Photo: Artes / G1

Bernardo Ribas Carli was 32 years old, born in Guarapuava with a degree in Business Administration. He was serving his second term as state deputy.

In the Assembly, he was also Chairman of the Sports Committee of the Legislative Assembly and Coordinator of the Parliamentary Front of Electric Power Producers.

Bernardo is the son of former Guarapuava Mayor, Luiz Fernando Ribas Carli, and brother of former Vice-State Minister Luiz Fernando Ribas Carli Filho.

Bernardo Carli (PSDB) was honored at an Aleppo session – Photo: Pedro de Oliveira / Alep

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