September 21, 2023
"Report you" · TV news

“Report you” · TV news

Isadora Larissa Manuela will be very scared when you remember a face David (Rafael Vitti) in behind the illusion. You will realize that Rafael is, in fact, the alleged killer of Elisa (Larissa Manuela) And she’ll go into shock. In the scene, it is her dead sister who will return from abroad to help her unravel the magician’s farce in Globo’s Sixth Opera. “I will report you to the police now,” the tailor will shout.

From the day of marriage Joachim (Danilo Mesquita), Isadora will begin to dream about her relative who died more than ten years ago. On “Dating”, Elisa will ask Isadora to wake up and tell her that she needs to wake up. One of these “coma” too It will take place during a redhead weddingAt the wedding, on the wedding night.

When Isadora says goodbye – he will leave Campos dos Goytacazes (RJ) to try to prove his innocence – Davi will perform a magic trick. Isadora will react, as if she is remembering something. Then it will also inflate. David will open his hands and several butterflies will fly away.

Immediately, the image will bring Isadora back to the first act: the image of Davi on the street in Poços de Caldas (MG) will be very clear in her mind. In the sequence, the scene of Elisa in her dream will return: “Wake up, Doreenha! Wake up! You have to wake up!”.

Isadora, in front of Daffy, will bounce, shocked and terrified: “Oh my God! I remembered! It’s you! Davi! I remembered everything! From when I met you doing tricks in the field, at Poços de Caldas. At Elisa’s party.. From when I saw you two kissing On the balcony.. Oh my God.. I killed my sister..!!

David will try to approach cautiously, asking her to let him explain, but she
Isadora will retreat, in a mixture of panic and horror:

do not approach me! What did you come to do here in Campos? [dos Goytacazes]? make me hell? the shame of my life? who are you? Crazy obsessed with my family? Why all this hatred for us? “

The magician, of course, would deny: “I hate? I just feel love for you. And most of all: I didn’t kill Elisa!” You’ll be absolutely stunned: “Oh my God in Heaven, Joachim was right when he said I couldn’t trust
in unknown. My father! He recognized you and no one believed him.”

Duffy will tell that Matthias (Antonio Calloni) was the one who killed Elisa and blamed him. “Well, I don’t believe anything you say anymore! You’re nothing but a liar, Rafael! Liar and murderer! I’ll report it to the police now!” Redhead threatens. At that moment the train will whistle. “Since it is good to run, it is better to hurry,” says the tailor.

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