June 4, 2023

Research says that eating french fries can cause anxiety and depression

French fries are one of the most popular “fast foods” in the world, especially those processed in the form of potato chips. The term refers to “pleasure foods” that are eaten more for taste than nutrition. The problem is, Chinese researchers have found a dangerous connection between the mind and this popular food.

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Research shows that french fries increase the risk of depression and anxiety

According to data from Zhejiang University, China, frequent consumption of French fries increases the risk of depression by up to 7%. When analyzing the relationship with anxiety, the problem is greater, and the chances of suffering from the disorder are up to 12% higher.

The study included 140,728 volunteers over the age of 11. The researchers excluded patients who had already been diagnosed with depression in the first two years of the study. A total of 8,294 cases of anxiety and 12,735 cases of depression were noted among those who ate fried foods most frequently.

According to experts interviewed by the press, the finding is alarming but not surprising. There are many other studies that show the effect of diet on human mental health, especially in those who consume a lot of saturated fat.

Saturated fats and emotional imbalance

Fried foods, such as French fries, are high in saturated fat, an ingredient known to be harmful to human health. The World Health Organization (WHO) itself has issued several warnings about the problems that consumption of this type of food can create in a person’s life.

On the other hand, more studies are still needed to correlate exactly how food might interfere with mental development. There is strong evidence that an overrated and poorly regulated diet can cause degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Another plus is that food can directly affect mood, with some interfering with hormone production, for example.

Do I need to stop eating french fries?

no. Right now, no one needs to stop eating french fries, but it is important to ensure a balanced diet without overdoing it. More than that, mental disorders are always multifactorial, as pointed out by the Brazilian Psychiatric Association (SBP).

This means that they are caused, mainly, by several different causes, such as eating habits, trauma, stress, social life, and so on.