October 1, 2023

Research shows that over 65% of Tinder users are married or dating

Originally , Tinder It aims to enable singles to find a partner. However, a survey published this week revealed that in practice, 65.3% of the app’s users are married or “in a relationship”.

The study by the Global Web Index, commissioned by the American magazine Wired, also shows this 50.3% of people who use Tinder aren’t really interested in datingand still choose to stay active on dating apps.

For the survey, about 1,400 users between the ages of 18 and 74 were interviewed, who answered a series of questions about their motivations for using Relationship application. Plus the number of dates they’ve gone on.

According to the study, the Tinder It is currently being used by users as sources of entertainment and social communication.

Researchers also see that using the platform supports people’s increased self-esteem due to likes and proofs of interest. However, the possibility of creating real connections decreases, which explains the profile of users, and the dissatisfaction of those who are actually looking for a relationship from the app.

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