January 29, 2023
Crédito: (Foto ilustrativa) Pixabay

Researchers have discovered a planet with eight days in a year

The surface of the star is extremely hot, with temperatures that can reach 1,482 degrees Celsius (Credit: (illustration) Pixabay)

GJ 367b was discovered by astronomers at the German Aerospace Center. The researchers found that the one-year period corresponds to only 8 days on an exoplanet, an exoplanet.

With half the mass of Earth, the newly discovered star has an extremely hot surface, with temperatures reaching 1,482 degrees Celsius. The reason for the high temperature of the planet is its proximity to the sun, the red dwarf star, which is located at a distance of 31 light years.

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The high incidence of radiation is another point that has caught the attention of astronomers, according to the article published in the scientific journal Science, GJ 367 b receives 500 times more radiation than Earth.

How did you find the planet?

Using NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (Tess), a device that detects celestial objects through the transit method – an observational model that measures the brightness of distant stars and, in the event of a dip, checks whether another object is not moving in front of the observed star between the observer and the star .

Measurement of the fundamental properties of the planet USP [sigla em inglês para planetas de período ultracurto]We can get a glimpse into the composition of the system and its evolutionary history,” Christian Lamm, study lead, states in the Science article.

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