December 9, 2022
Meteorito encontrado em Goiás é tão antigo quanto o Sistema Solar, dizem pesquisadores

Researchers say the meteorite in Goiás is as old as the solar system

Rocha is 4.56 billion years old, and was found in Portlandia on July 17; It will be studied and the information will be sent to the Weather Bulletin Database Committee

The meteor that fell inside Goiás old Solar Systemthat is 4.56 billion years old, according to a researcher at the Institute of Earth Sciences Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Amanda Araujo Tosi, who analyzed The Rock.

The play fell in Portelândia on July 17. At the time, an ordinary chondrite-type meteorite, weighing about 250 grams, was found on a farm in the municipality after damaging the lining of a property during the fall.

“Chondrites are meteorites that come from asteroids whose composition has been practically intact since their formation, which is the time when the solar system began to form. Thus, they are the most primitive type of meteorites out there that are as old as our solar system, 4.56 billion years old,” explains Amanda.

Photo of the meteorite found in Goiás / breeding

Ordinary chondrite meteorites are the most common that fall to Earth, however, it is difficult to witness a fall from them, since “statistically, most of the [dos meteoritos] They fall into the vast expanses of water on the planet; Falling into a populated area is extremely rare, and even more dangerous to fall into a home,” says the technician from the Physics Laboratory of the Federal University of Jatai (UFJ), Thiago Lima, who also analyzed the meteorite.

Meteorites and the rare rock trade

For academics, Portelândia Meteorite, as it became known, is of great scientific value. That’s because he is only the ninth to recover in Brazil in the past 12 years.

“Because they are rocks from the primordial solar system, they are of invaluable scientific value because they provide us with information about the formation of the ‘building blocks’ of planets, which have wandered for billions of years, since the explosion of the star that gave rise to our planetary system,” says Lima.

Meteors fell on a house in Goiás and penetrated the roof of the house / reproduction

Since meteorites are a strange find, some people are trying to sell them, however, for Amanda, the ownership and trade of Brazilian meteorites must be regulated by law, so that there is no loss of heritage, thus harming science.


Currently, the meteorite is being searched for through the Physics Course at UFJ in partnership with Meteoríticas at UFRJ so that study information is subsequently sent to the Meteoritical Bulletin Database Committee.

The idea, according to the researchers, is to record it in the Brazilian meteorite catalog, officially, as Portelândia Meteorite.

Meteorite found in Goiás visible by microscope/reproduction

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