July 23, 2024

Resident Evil remake: fan-made Code Veronica gets a new trailer and looks promising

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Resident Evil remake: fan-made Code Veronica gets a new trailer and looks promising
Resident Evil remake: fan-made Code Veronica gets a new trailer and looks promising

The game is in an advanced stage of development

After the release of Resident Evil 2 e 3 remakesHustle for a remake of Resident Evil: Veronica Code appeared online. while the Capcom Do not respond to the desire of fans, they manage it themselves. The new version of Resident Evil: Code Veronica made by a group of fans is real and it already exists advanced stages of development.


The project started in 2019 with no release date, and will be available in three seasons. the Official Website He says each class will be about 4 hours. The game will have subtitles in Portuguese, among other languages, and will be available for free. The development team is well aware of the implications of using a third party IP address. They even say that “Capcom owns all the rights. If they decide to cancel the project, the project will be dead.”

Regarding first-released builds, the site says the new Resident Evil: Code Veronica has new animations, a new zombie system (similar to Capcom’s zombies), as well as the evasive mechanics of Resident Evil 3 Remake. The page describes, “We’ve revamped the entire system that we had in the demo to get more stability and get more of the Resident Evil experience.”

– Continues after announcement –

The new version made in the fan is far from simple and even offers fire and rain reaction systems. The page describes that when Claire gets close to fire and rain, she will cover her face, for example. In addition, the rain will leave the protagonist soaked and not only she, the environment and things around her will also have the effects of running water. When entering a dry place, Claire will gradually dry out.

The developers guarantee that all enemies, from zombies and dogs, through Bandersnatch (monsters with extended arms), to Tyrant, will be present in the game. The new RE: Code Veronica will still have a “light” version for simpler PCs, although the developers have assured that the regular version will be improved enough to not leave anyone out.

The same team is working on Remake de Resident Evil, the 1996 original title, similar to RE: Code Veronica. Now we can only hope that Capcom will not prevent the launch of the project, which, along with creating its own remake one day, will be most welcome.


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source: RECV Fan Remake

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