Ressourcées, Inouk are ready for the following

Ressourcées, les Inouk sont prêtes pour la suite

Ressourcées by a team travel to Cuba, the Inouk of the basketball female preparing to start their second half of the season with an appointment to Shawinigan, and Sherbrooke at the end of the week.

“The endless christmas break is finally over,” says coach John Van Doorn, recalling that the last game of his troop, which shows a record of four wins and three defeats, dates back to the… 2 December.

But the Inouk have not easy to celebrate their return then they will face the two best teams in the circuit.

“The Électriks (5-1) and the Volunteers (6-0) are two solid formations, with good players everywhere, takes Van Doorn. It’s going to take a big effort. “

If the season is the college circuit was completed, the Inouk would be in the playoffs by virtue of their fourth position out of seven teams.

“Overall, I liked what I saw in the first half of the season. It has progressed, it is clear. The great challenge now is to finish our games. We went to the basket, but the finish is not always there. “

Van Doorn knows that he will get a good basketball Alexandra Nogues and Laurie Dubé. But he would like to see the rest of his players must raise their level of play up a notch.

A trip to Cuba

Taking advantage of a cultural exchange, John Van Doorn and his players went to train for a week in Cuba with the athletes of a local team. And they loved the experience.

“It was the caliber of basketball,” says the veteran coach. Cubans were almost the same age as our girls, sometimes a little younger, but they were very skillful, very talented. The girls have learned a lot. It has been a very good preparation for the second tranche of the calendar. “

The Inouk of the basketball male (0-8) will also be in Shawinigan on Friday and Sherbrooke Sunday. As if this wasn’t a season quite difficult, it is said that Olivier Mugisha, the best scorer of the team, had to leave the training…

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