May 31, 2023

rest! Science points out 4 techniques to end stress instantly

Stress is the cause of many diseases that can affect our bodies, according to experts, whether they are physical or psychological. Therefore, to have a fuller and happier life, it is advised to work on ways to relax and calm down.

Image: Freepik/Reproduction

Exercising regularly, eating healthy foods, practicing meditation, tai chi, and yoga are some ways to reduce stress levels in the body, but they are not the only ways to do so.

These four tips can help you de-stress instantly

According to research, the above options are good for dealing with the problem in the long run, but what do you do when you need to calm down right away? Check out some tips from the experts on the topic below!

1. Take a relaxing shower

Hot and cold showers have effects on the body’s hormone levels. They can help eliminate cortisol or release endorphins, as well as increase dopamine levels in the body. Therefore, a bath can have positive effects on the brain, bringing a sense of relief and calm in moments of anger or distress.

2. Chew gum

Chewing gum can be a relaxing and relaxing stress-relieving exercise. Since 1939, there have been studies claiming the beneficial effects of chewing gum on stress.

According to the data collected, people who chewed were less stressed and faced life with more enthusiasm. So this can be a good alternative to taking that breath in tough times.

3. Listen to relaxing music

Music has many effects on the human psyche, just realize that there are melodies that can make us very happy or sad in seconds.

When you are angry, try listening to something relaxing or that awakens good feelings and good memories in you. It’s even worth putting together a good old teen playlist and imagining simpler times.

4. Enjoy nature

A large number of research indicates that nature can help a person restore balance to their mental and physical health. Patients with anxiety and depression report significant improvement by spending daily time in contact with trees, animals, and plants.

Therefore, if you can take a break every day to walk in a tree-lined square or park, over time you will notice a significant improvement in your mood and disposition.

Did you like the tips? We would like to remind you that nothing said here takes the place of treatment or psychotherapy with a qualified professional. So if you feel you have problems, be sure to seek help.

There is no shame in admitting that. Indeed, only strong people are able to face the fact that they need help!