June 6, 2023
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Results of Elon Musk’s visit to Brazil: One and two fake hashtags – 05/21/2022

In short, Elon Musk’s visit to Brazil and the billionaire’s pampering Bolsonaro has produced a hashtag –#bolso musk— And two fake news: Connection From rural schools to the Internet and monitoring of the Amazon rainforest by satellite starlinkSouth African Billionaire Corporation.

There is a lot of saliva and a little formality. Musk posted on Twitter that it was “Very excited” about the prospect of bringing the Internet to 19,000 schools in remote areas and environmental monitoring in the Amazon. He left the country without signing a trivial contract. Not possible.

First, because it will be necessary to go through the bidding process. Secondly, because the law prohibits the government from contracting out expenditures, as of May of the election year, the payments of which will be transferred to the future administration. Third, it would be pointless to hire Elon Musk to provide services that the government already owns.

It was drafted under Dilma Rousseff and created under the management of Michel Temer in 2018, and Gesac program,”E-Government – Citizen Assistance Serviceready to provide free broadband internet access, via land and satellite, to remote locations in the country.

This thing stemmed from a partnership between Telebras and Musk Group’s US competitor, Viasat. Under Bolsonaro, the program was renamed WIFI Brazil. at The official website of the Ministry of Communications It was written on the Internet that Wi-Fi Brasil has already installed 15,000 Internet points in remote areas of the country, of which 10,000 have been implemented in schools.

At the meeting that welcomed Elon Musk to an elegant hotel in the city of Porto Velez in Sao Paulo, Bolsonaro announced that the billionaire’s satellites would show that the Amazon was “reserved” by his government. In this edition, Bolsonaro’s newest childhood friend will help show the world “the damage done by those who spread lies” about the devastation of the Amazon. sweet.

The environmental problem in Brazil is not a lack of monitoring, but a lack of desire to stop the destruction of the forests. The National Institute for Space Research Inpe already offers Home data obtained via satellite On records of deforestation collected under Bolsonaro. The pass order improvements.

At a time when Inpe is choked with the worst budget in its history, spending public funds to manufacture the parallel environmental reality in which Bolsonaro decided to live would be criminal waste. Moreover, the president’s denial of forests collides with information about the devastation of the Amazon available in the world’s best space monitoring institutes.

No afã de posar ao lado de Elon Musk, candidato a dono do Twitter, Bolsonaro deixou-se enfeitiçar pelo feitiço do ministro Fábio Faria (Comunicações), autor do convite para que o bilionário visitasse o Brasil. A hit on the president’s children’s and fan networks, the hashtag “#BolsoMusk” tends to wane as fake news is exposed. Tancredo Neves already knew that intelligence, when there is a lot, swallows up the owner.