June 6, 2023
Retail companies are betting on smaller stores in America

Retail companies are betting on smaller stores in America

Known for its large stores, Walmart plans to open smaller retail units in vacation spots such as Big Bear Lake in California and the Catskill Mountains in New York. The race is set up in partnership with Getaway, a startup that builds “tiny homes in nature” with fully equipped kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, but without Wi-Fi.

Five outlets will open this year — the first, still in August, will be in Gateway Hill Country, Texas, near Austin and San Antonio. Other stores are planned in California, Connecticut, New York and Missouri.

The idea is to serve customers who enjoy a relaxing break and may not want to step into a big store. Called “general stores,” the units will offer items such as lip balm, sunscreen, and hiking and fire equipment. Everyday products are also sold in case travelers have left something at home.

Retail companies are betting on smaller stores in America

“At Getaway, our mission is to help people disconnect and spend time in nature,” Carlos Basile, Getaway’s director of experiences, said in a statement.

Digital-first Best Buy betting

The concept Walmart is testing follows a growing trend in the retail industry. In July, the Best buy Opened its first digital-first compact store.

About 450 square meters, 15% smaller than its usual location, the first store opened in Monroe, Missouri, will be managed by products such as home theater and audio, computing, headphones, wearables, fitness, cell phones, cameras, smart. Home and Small Appliances.

Retail companies are betting on smaller stores in America

A small store does not carry large appliances or large products. These items can be purchased on the Best Buy website and picked up at any branded unit.

The goal is to test a digital shopping experience that encourages customers to do everything: product selection, receive advice digitally, and purchase products by scanning a QR code.

In Brazil

In Brazil, compact and autonomous stores are also following this trend, especially in residential areas. In February, Carrefour launched autonomous stores Express flag In residential apartments. The idea is that the consumer purchases and pays through an application without any human interaction.

This model also exists Reviewed by Hirota SupermarketA local chain in the supermarket sector, it debuted a standalone store segment in residential condominiums in July 2020. Today, the chain has 70 units in operation, with an additional 52 new outlets this year.

The Earth’s Natural Hardy Fruity Network Race on a small model (compact focused on high-turnover products) to accelerate expansion in Rio de Janeiro Bye Paulo.

Shops are established within residential complexes and focus primarily on serving residents.

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