March 21, 2023
"Reuters" says that the United States should punish those responsible for the destruction of the Amazon forest

“Reuters” says that the United States should punish those responsible for the destruction of the Amazon forest

According to the agency, the country intends to use sanctions based on the Magnitsky Act to expand the fight against climate change.

The United States should impose fines “Environmental Criminals” Contributes to deforestation Amazon Brazilian. Published this information exclusively Reuters­čçž­čçĚ

According to the news agency, this initiative will represent a “The Big Change” In the American strategy to fight back Climate changes With drastic measures such as the use of economic sanctions based on the Magnitsky Act ­čçž­čçĚwhat Freeze any assets of criminals and prevent all Americans and businesses nationwide from dealing with sanctioned individuals or entities.

According to Imazon (Institute for Man and Environment in the Amazon) data, from January to October 2022, deforestation in the Amazon He 9,696 km², equivalent to 6 times the city of São Paulo. This is 0.5% less than the same period in 2021 when 9,742 km² of deforestation was recorded and the 2nd worst accumulated in the last 15 years.

Apart from deforestation, the US also wants to punish those responsible for other environmental crimes in the region, such as illegal mining. The country has already begun the process of identifying and interrogating potential targets for punishment. However, when the sanctions will be applied is yet to be defined Reuters.

Sources in the agency said the project is being developed by the US Treasury Department in collaboration with the bureaus. Department of State for Economics and Business and Maritime Affairs and International Science and Environmental Affairs.

US Treasury responsible for sanctions MagnitskySearched by ReutersBut he refused to take a stand on the matter.

The news agency also contacted the Brazilian Ministry of Justice and the teams of the current chief executive, Jair Bolsonaro (PL), and the Interim Government of the President-elect, Luis Inacio Lula da Silva (PT). They also did not respond.

oh Shakti360 The Ministry of Justice was approached for an official position on the allegations in the report, but a response was not received by the time of publishing this text­čçž­čçĚ The venue remains open for demonstrations.

According to one source Reuters, the project was elaborated during the 9th Summit of the Americas held in Los Angeles, California (USA) in June this year. At that time, the United States and Brazil declared It will have a bilateral working group with the aim of ending illegal deforestation in the Amazon and other biomes by 2028.