December 6, 2023
Review the new rules for making ads

Review the new rules for making ads

Income tax is a topic that started worrying Brazilians at the beginning of the year. But even when the IRS decides to change some of the rules for individuals to file their income statement. In 2022, the news will happen in the redemption process. See what your income tax return will look like this year.

The taxpayer should always keep in mind that the declaration is mandatory for anyone who meets the requirements required by the Federal Government. When you don’t comply with the decisions, you risk falling into Fine Mesh, being forced to pay fines and even having other problems in court.

See who needs a tax file

who had taxable income above R$28,559.70 last year (2021);

who was exempt, non-taxable or exclusively taxed on source income, as long as it exceeds R$40,000, in 2021;

Citizens who carry out rural activities and generated revenue of more than R$ 142,798.50 last year;

A person who owns property or rights to assets of more than 300,000 Brazilian riyals. This is until December 31, 2021;

Who, throughout the year 2021, obtained profits from the sale of assets or rights or who carried out any operation in the stock exchange and the like;

who received a tax exemption on the sale of residential property with capital gains, but then purchased another property within 180 days. It should all have happened in 2021.

Don’t miss the deadline

Attention should be paid to the instructions from the Federal Tax Service, which reported that the deadline for completing the 2022 income tax declaration begins on Monday (7) and ends on April 29. It was also decided that the first payment of refunds would be made in May.

Another thing to be aware of, in 2022 there will be no extension of the deadline as it was in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic. The important thing is that you do not leave to make your statement in the last few days, during this period the system is usually busiest.

Remember that you can file your declaration through the income tax return program or on the application for this purpose. It will be released as of Monday (7) on the Federal Revenue website.

Check the recovery schedule Income tax

The refund can be done via Pix, and the citizen can choose the method during the advertisement.

First Batch: May 31, 2022;

2nd Batch: June 30, 2022;

3rd batch: 30 July 2022;

Fourth Batch: August 31, 2022;

Fifth batch: September 30, 2022.