July 18, 2024

Richard reveals his frustration with Corinthians at his new club show

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Richard reveals his frustration with Corinthians at his new club show
Richard reveals his frustration with Corinthians at his new club show

I let go of Richard Corinthians’ steering wheel and finally settled on his car Transfer to Ciara. Despite embarking on a new challenge, the athlete admitted his frustration with Timão’s jersey.

In his presentation interview at Ceará, last Monday, Richard said he didn’t have many chances with the Timão shirt. Corinthians hired the athlete in 2019, and he did not defend the team for a whole season.

I also wanted to know why I didn’t get the chance there (in Corinth). I played in all the clubs I went to Fluminense With Abel Braga, she played with Vasco with Luxembourg and Atlético PR. I also wanted to understand this a little bit. Everything that happens has a reason. Nothing is in vain and we are always learning. Having come across several proposals, I am already thankful to God for being able to choose. Richard said.

However, the athlete took the opportunity to thank coach Thiago Nunes, with whom he worked at Timão in early 2020. Even at the coach’s request, Ceará sought to hire the midfielder for 2022.

I would like to thank you for this opportunity, I worked with Thiago Nunes there in Corinthians. It’s been a short time, but we’ve created a great identity. I thank him for the opportunity, for calling me and giving me the opportunity to wear this great shirt.”

Richard arrived in Corinthians in 2019 after emerging at Fluminense. With no space in the Sao Paulo team, he was loaned to Vasco in June of that year. The athlete was returned to Timão in 2020, precisely at the request of Tiago Nunes.

With the coach’s departure, Richard was once again out of Corinthians’ plans. Thus, he was loaned to Athletico-PR in 2021. With the end of the season and still out of Timão’s plans, Richard signed a contract with Ceará until 2024.

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