May 30, 2023
Richarlison, a former Globo player and commentator, admits he's bisexual

Richarlison, a former Globo player and commentator, admits he’s bisexual

Former midfielder Richarlison, multi-champion with jersey Sao Paulo And the Hanging day at Grupo Globorevealed for the first time his duality – romantic or sexual attraction towards both men and women, or towards more than one gender or gender.

“I’ve been asked my whole life if I’m gay. I’ve had a relationship with a man and I’ve had a relationship with a woman too. But then I’m talking here today and soon the news will be out: ‘Richarlyson is bisexual.’ And the meme is already ready. They’ll say: ‘Wow, But I swear? I didn’t even imagine.’ Man, I’m normal, I have desires and desires. I’ve dated a man, I’ve dated a woman, but so what? Commenting in an interview with the podcast “Nos Armários dos Vestiários”.

“It’ll paint the title Richarlson talked about on a bisexual podcast. Awesome. And then you’ll be showered with reports, and most importantly, the agenda, it won’t change, and it’s a topic homophobia. “Unfortunately, the world is not ready to have this discussion and deal with it normally,” he added.

Richarlison became the first player to play in Italian Serie A Brazilian Championship And in choosing to talk about the topic frankly.

According to podcast journalists, at no time was Richarlison asked directly about his sexuality – as has often happened in the athlete’s career.

“Because of so many people saying my situation matters, today I decided to say: I’m bisexual. If that’s what I’ve been missing, well. That’s it. Now I want to see if it really gets better, because that’s a question.”

Richleson’s sexuality became a public debate in June 2007, when Jose Cirillo Jr., a Palm trees At the time, he indicated on national television that he was gay.

Ricky filed a criminal complaint against the hat, and publicly apologized. However, Manuel Maximiano Junqueira Filho, the judge in the case, dropped the case on the grounds that homosexuals would not be admissible in football Brazilian because it will hurt the thinking of the team. He also mentioned in the sentence that football was a “macho thing”.

“This, yes, made me very sad because at no time did I feel that it was a normal thing. It was a very derogatory thing. It was very bad not only for me. Being gay is not a shame for anyone, and in football it shouldn’t be a topic Controversial. I’ve never let him stand in the way of what I want in my life, wouldn’t it be a sentence, a word, an argument or an idiot who tried to abuse a vulgar class? For God’s sake, how much suffering is in the LGBTQIA+ class?”