July 22, 2024

Riku cries in pain and denounces the shortening of production

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Rico Melquiades chorando
Rico Melquiades chorando

It was some time ago Rico Melquiades He complains of pain when urinating and after medical attention, in the same confinement he was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection. Lying in his room, he wept in pain on Saturday, November 27, and was at ease Aline Mineiro. The boy was worried about it, looked at Riku’s way and wanted to know why. It was then that the comedian, crying, denounced that the production did not care about his health.

“I have been like this for seven days now, my stomach is swollen, my stomach hurts, this production is bothering me. I drink tap water,” he complained Rico.

The ex-panicat suggested asking for help: “Ask a gallon [de água]She said.

The man from Alagoas, in tears, mentioned that he had already ordered and production had not been provided. Immediately, the Play Plus signal was cut and redirected to the gym. Shortly after complaining, two gallons of mineral water appeared in the pantry of the headquarters and Rico MelquiadesI finally managed to moisturize it.

Returning from a consultation with doctors at Record, last Tuesday, November 23, he alerted the other participants and recommended that everyone clean the toilet lid with alcohol gel before using it. The pawn also complained of constipation, which made him in a low mood and very worried about his health.

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People with UTIs have a frequent need to urinate, a burning sensation, pain when urinating, and a feeling of being unable to empty the bladder.

Diagnosis is made through type 1 urine tests and, in some cases, additional tests. Treatment is carried out with antibiotics, which can range from three days to three weeks.

Internal courses are developing

difficulty Rico Melquiades Peeing and defecating on a country reality show left the pawn sad and complaining of pain that made a huge impact on the web. Considering the situation in Alagoas, the fans of the program have risen The “It Gets Rich” hashtag, which quickly became one of the most talked about topics on Twitter on Saturday, November 27.

Rico He said he was drinking tap water and Diane Melo He also complained about the quality of the water they were consuming at the headquarters. The action was taken only in light of the effect of the pawn’s complaint.

Team Rico He spoke on Twitter: “We are monitoring Rico’s condition in the country, and from the start, we have contacted the reality team to make sure our infantry is properly attended and escorted. We will keep you informed. Keep sending positive energies.”

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