December 8, 2022
River says he has no deal with Atletico due to debt: 'Just a word'

River says he has no deal with Atletico due to debt: ‘Just a word’

Photo: Pedro Sousa/Atlético

Buy Atletico Nacho Fernandez from River Plate

River Plate ensures that there is no signed agreement for Atletico to settle debts related to the transfer of midfielder Nacho Fernandez, which was implemented in February 2021. Supersports.

Last Tuesday (10/11), writer Jorge Nicola, from Supersportsanticipate the information that Atlético has a transfer ban imposed by FIFA due to debts with River Plate. The ban has few practical implications until January 11, which is when the first player registration period begins in 2023 – this window only expires on April 4. However, it affects the credibility of the mining club.

to me General ElectricAtlético indicated that there was a pre-concluded agreement with the Argentine club to settle the debt in two installments – one in October and the other in February 2023. However, River ensures that nothing is official.

A source from the Argentine club confirmed to Supersports.

Atletico Dune with River Plate

Nacho Fernandez joined Atletico in February 2021 in a $6 million tax-free deal for River Plate. The negotiations secured financial support from the 4R team, although under undisclosed circumstances. The business group from the collegiate body, at the time, used resources directly to Atletico Football to upgrade the team.

When contacted, Atlético did not tell whether the debts with River Plate would be paid off with funds from the club’s funds or through new investments by 4R’s. “This is an internal matter,” President Sergio Coelho said. Supersports.

Atletico is racing against time to settle the debt. This is because a new transition window will open in January. Gallo needs the L transfer ban to be lifted to bolster the team having a disappointing season in 2022.