Riverdale season 3: The mother and the sister of Jughead landed in the trailer of episode 8 !

Season 3 of Riverdale will soon be a break for the winter. The next week, Jughead goes to find his sister and his mother !

Fans of Riverdale waiting a long time to meet the mother and sister of Jughead. The episode next week is going to finally unveil the face of these two unknowns ! Beware, the article contains spoilers !

Riverdale : Jughead, ready to see his mother !

Yesterday evening, fans of Riverdale have been entitled to a new episode of season 3. Archie and Jughead decided to leave together on the run. Nevertheless, the two teenagers have almost become trapped by Hiram Lodge. The new episode gave a lot of information on the man, and everything suggests that the latter is the Gargoyle King. It controls a lot of other cities and it is mostly behind a huge traffic of drugs.

Archie understood that he could not be safe. The teenager has left everything to protect his loved ones, but this does not seem to suffice. For its part, Jughead think that teenager can not take refuge in any city, because of Hiram. It has, therefore, proposed to travel with his mother and his sister, Jellybean with Archie. Next week, fans will finally be able to make their acquaintance.

Riverdale : The mother of Jughead finally lands in the next episode !

Episode 8 of season 3 of Riverdale is going to be an episode key to the new season. First of all, this episode will mark the finale of the mid-season. The chain The CW has unveiled a first trailer of the episode and there’s going to be a lot of things. Jughead goes to find his mother and sister, and this promises to be interesting ! Jellybean was already in the air all cute and we can’t wait to see the two characters together.

Jughead is not going to doubt for a moment that Betty will be in danger in the next episode. The teenage girl is found among the sisters and those they work for Hiram as well as the Gargoyle King. The teenager had been drugged by the drug and Hiram, and it is going to have to find a way to escape quickly. Fortunately, in the trailer, the young woman has the air of a rather well out of it !

The next episode of Riverdale, will be held next Wednesday in the United States.


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