Rizqy ranks, the LIBERALS do not condone not for the austerity

Rizqy se range, le PLQ ne s'excusera pas pour l'austérité

The liberal mp Marwah Rizqy acknowledges to have wanted to push his party to apologize for the years of austerity of the government Couillard, but she finally followed the majority opinion of his colleagues : no excuses for Quebecers.

“My name is Rizqy, so I take the risk and yes, I take responsibility for my words,” said the new mp at the exit of the first day of the liberal caucus.

Without having signed the letter, she admits to “initiated some discussions” on the fact that the party wanted to go too far and too quickly to return the budget to balance. Words that are found in an article in the Journal de Québec.

His initiative has made a lot of talk within the caucus on Thursday, having been ill-received by some colleagues. “It is capable of brewing a lot of ideas among us and it is healthy,” said Ms. Rizqy, who acknowledges having “caused a small uproar” among liberals. But nothing to break the relationship with his colleagues. “I want to reassure you that we are doing well.”

The mp, who is always “thinking” whether it briguera the leadership of the Quebec liberal Party (QLP) explains that it ranks now in the position of acting chief Pierre Arcand.

Earlier in the day, the chief Arcand has denied that his caucus could be divided. “I do not call it the division, I call it an opening to discuss things and make the debate serenely within our party,” said Mr. Arcand.

He began by saying that an “internal investigation” had been carried out on this incident, the chief added “there is nothing serious in there” and that “people have the right to express themselves within our party”. “What is important as a political party, it is that everyone has the discipline to join in the end.”

Sébastien Proulx, Christine St-Pierre, and André Fortin were hammered during the day that there was no question of apologizing for the years of austerity. The ex-minister of Finance Carlos Leitão says he is ready to defend the reasons why his government has acted as well.

“When one is engaged in election campaign in 2018, all the world knew exactly what was, what had been our government policy. If someone was not comfortable with that, it’s a bit late now to declare it”, he launched.


Liberals believe, moreover, have already been “housekeeping” in spending and that the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) must not seek to make further reductions in the departments. “We made it. And I say that from the moment we did, we can’t go further”, has supported the mna Gaétan Barrette. According to him, it would be inappropriate to make cuts so that Quebec can rely on a budget surplus. “It does not hold the road and morally, it is not justified.”

Gaétan Barrette has, indeed, attacked the “principles” variables of the Coalition avenir Québec, pointing to his lack of judgment in the last few weeks. For example, the member of parliament has denounced the count “illegal,” that the CAQ wanted to make people in authority who are currently religious signs and the tolerance which the party is proof against firearms owners who are not yet enrolled in the registry.

Gaétan Barrette believes that the QCA will also send a “wrong message” to the public by tolerating an employee whistleblower, the ministry of Agriculture had been dismissed in the last few days. “Or, they have issues of principle, or they have problems with judgment, or amateurs, or all at the same time.”

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