September 21, 2023
Roberta Miranda has a diagnosis and a cancellation hastily appears

Roberta Miranda has a diagnosis and a cancellation hastily appears

Roberta Miranda receives diagnosis and shows postponed this week

country singer Roberta Miranda At the age of 65, he tested positive for the dreaded Covid-19 virus. It was announced that Queen Sertanejo had been infected on the night of Tuesday 14 June.

Roberta Miranda Shows were scheduled for today, June 15, in Cuiaba, Mato Grosso and tomorrow, June 16, in Morro Grande, in the interior of São Paulo. Due to serious illness and the necessary isolation, Sertaneja had to postpone performances dates.

According to a note issued by the press office of Roberta MirandaThe singer achieves the social isolation necessary for her speedy recovery, in addition to receiving the necessary care.

Press release from Roberta Miranda Informs: “Canto Livre Produções, the office of singer Roberta Miranda, has announced that the artist has recently tested positive for COVID-19. As a result, the show scheduled for today will be (14), in Goiânia (GO), and presentations to be held in Cuiabá (MT) , 06/15, and Morro Agudo (SP), 06/16, postponed and new dates announced soon. We also inform you that the singer is receiving medical care and will be in isolation at home,” the note concludes.

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In addition to Roberta MirandaOther artists who have contracted the Covid-19 virus recently. condition Alba Ramalho for example. Also, remember that the outbreak has spread all over Brazil in recent weeks, but the death rate has fallen a lot due to vaccinations that are in its fourth stage.

Roberta Miranda in honor of Marilia Mendonca
Roberta Miranda in honor of Marilia Mendonca (Image: Reproduction)

+ Elba Ramalho discovers a serious illness, hastily cancels performances and leaves the stage indefinitely

The outbreak of the disease reaches the world

Covid-19 outbreak hit behind the scenes Globo TV. Recently, the station enforced the full production and audience for shows like “Caldeirão”, “Sunday with Huck” and “Altas Horas”Return with the mandatory use of protective masks.

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