November 30, 2023
Rodrigo Silva

Rockstar CEO explains why GTA 6 is taking so long to release

The more time passes, the higher the expectations for the release of GTA 6.

When it comes to the massive “Grand Theft Auto 6” leakIt’s kinda hard to find a bright side. In what can only be described as the biggest game story in some time, rock games suffered a data breach that led to more than 3GB of development footage for the new game in the “Grand Theft Auto” series revealed on Sunday, giving fans GTA 6 Glimpse into details such as the setting of the game as well as its main characters.

And while the company broke its silence and said the leak should not affect game development in any way in the long run, this kind of massive hack put the upcoming game under the microscope prematurely. Now CEO rock games explain why GTA 6 It takes a long time to be released. During a recent call with investors, Strauss Zelnickyou talked about the company’s declining sales in the fiscal year and talked about the importance of waiting for games to be released until the quality is where it needs to be.

GTA 6 cover
Photo: reproduction

“If you had to choose, I prefer the situation we are in, which is [que] “We had some delays and had to revise the guidelines,” Zelnick said during the call. “I would pick this anytime within a few failures. That’s really the key in this business. We’ve had issues – we’ve spent long enough to remind you of them – that we’ve had delays in the titles in the past, and in the end it was always worth the wait, because When we got to the other side, the results were delivered and the small time delay didn’t matter. In the context of the results we were able to achieve them. That would be the case here too.”

Although Zelnick is not directly mentioned GTA 6It’s pretty clear what he’s referring to! Fans are getting very impatient waiting for the game’s release, but none of them will be happy if the game is released in an unfinished state.

The take two and the rock games Fill in the blanks with remastered and GTA OnlineAnd fans will have to continue to settle until both companies are satisfied with the state of the game!