July 25, 2024

Rodrigo Bocardi loses his patience and scolds direct netizens

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Leo Dias
Leo Dias

A very unusual situation happened on Tuesday morning (24/8), during the live broadcast of Bom Dia São Paulo, by Globo. the host Rodrigo Bocardi He was disturbed by a message from a netizen during the newscast and decided to respond to it.

It all started when a reporter on the street was talking to a woman who was going to her first day at work after about a year of unemployment. She was concerned about the delay that the Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos (CPTM) strike might cause.

The netizen mocked the fact that the journalist did the interview Just someone starting a new business among the many people who were there.

“Pom Dia São Paulo is considering meeting a woman who started her business exactly today. This Globo is really a joke,” Wellington Ferraz message said. “I separated this letter, and I insisted that it be separated,” Bocardi added while reading the messages on the studio screen.

“The joke is in your post and not our behavior. We were listening to random people. Maybe not your case, but how many people are there on their first day (at work) in the middle of the pandemic, getting a job? ‘ explained the announcer.

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