September 29, 2023
Rodrigo Cayo speaking after being discharged from hospital - Flamengo

Rodrigo Cayo speaking after being discharged from hospital – Flamengo

Via Instagram, the Flamengo defender sent a message to the nation

He has been hospitalized since January 2 for an infection, Rodrigo Caillou It came out last Saturday (15). Inside, the defender used social media to send a message to fans and fans, thanking them for messages of affection.

“Speak up, people. Passing by to tell you I’m already home, with my family, which is the most precious thing I have in my life. Also passing by to thank you all for your prayers and love. In those thirteen days I’ve been in the hospital, I just know how hard it was.” , But faith in God has always prevailed, thank God, today I can be here with my family. Thanks to all of you and now I am fully focused on my recovery so that I can get back to what I love as quickly as possible, which is playing football. I am sure that this It will happen soon. A big kiss in the hearts of all of you, may God bless you all and may 2022 be an enlightened year for all of you.”

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in December, Rodrigo Caillou Knee arthroscopy was performed. However, after contracting a stitch infection, the defender was taken to a hospital in Rio de Janeiro for treatment. During his stay in the health unit, the defender received a visit from his Flamengo teammates, managers and coach Paulo Sousa.

Rodrigo Caillou will be on probation in the coming days and therefore, he has no expectations to perform at Ninho do Urubu and join the cast to start activities focusing on the 2022 season.