July 15, 2024

Rodrygo rages when he learns of Jade’s plan to testify against Arthur TV News

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Rodrygo rages when he learns of Jade's plan to testify against Arthur TV News
Rodrygo rages when he learns of Jade's plan to testify against Arthur TV News

Rodrigo Musa He was furious to find out Jade Bacon You have a plan to take advantage of Arthur Agyar number BBB 22 (Globe). On Friday (28), the digital influencer admitted that if she won the Prova do Anjo, she would immunize the actor, and the commercial director quickly slammed the situation: “It’s done!”

During a conversation about the formation of the adjacent wall, the Bebuca member said that he imagined this sister’s situation, and confirmed: [Aguiar] He asked me, right? He’s someone if I feel too threatened and ask for an angel, I know he’ll give it to me.”

Liu Bacon’s sister, who annoyed his brother, added: “Arthur’s work is delicate, because he is a person with whom I exchange ideas, but I know his pain, understand?” Jade replied, “It’s not paying off, but we got there three days later. In the first week, he was vaccinated.”

“Gee, but that’s enough! You can be at home more. Just like I say: ‘I’m not voting for popcorn, it’s over for me,'” he warned, who used the dialogue to try to get information from the influencer about the leader’s plans Tiago Abravanel.

“Jade, you didn’t suspect anything about Thiago over there? You won’t speak, but do you know if he said anything?” Mossi wondered, and Jade commented, “Same thing, too soon to make a decision, you know? Angel.”

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