March 30, 2023
ROG Phone 6: Find out what to expect from the new Asus phone arriving on 5 - 06/27/2022

ROG Phone 6: Find out what to expect from the new Asus phone arriving on 5 – 06/27/2022

The new generation of prison cell Asus ROG Phone 6 will be released next Tuesday (5). There are still few details about the technical settings of the phone, but it is already possible to imagine what its design will look like.

The Chinese regulatory authority TEENA has published some images in reference to the device. Unlike the previous version, ROG Phone 5, this year’s phone should have a larger camera placement on the back of the device.

The three-lens unit should be aligned horizontally on its back, which should also display the inscription “Tencent Games”, next to the ROG logo, reinforcing the Taiwanese brand’s partnership with the Chinese gaming giant.

The first camera, which is probably quite wide, has a blue circle around the lens. The second lens appears to be larger than the one used on the ROG 5.

The released images hide the details of the front panel of the device.

Alleged Asus ROG Phone 6 design


What we already know about the release

So far, it has been confirmed that smart phone We will get:


Launch will be approved IPX4against splashes of water.


The refresh rate will be 165 Hz. The higher this number, the faster and smoother the animation displayed on the transition screen.

Mobile phones in the current market operate on average at rates between 60Hz and 120Hz. The most advanced ones operate at 144Hz.

According to GSMArena, prison cell The player can come with up to 18GB of RAM (which helps with performance), 512GB of storage and a 6000mAh battery with 65W fast charging.

It must be a wizard Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1, which will replace the 888+ used in last year’s model. Qualcomm’s new chip promises superior performance.

Screen size will be 6.78 inches (about 17 cm) Waleed’s mother. Asus ROG Phone 6 will be launched at events in Taipei, Berlin and New York.