October 2, 2022
Róger Guedes joins "Tropa do Calvo" and interacts with the moments between the Fluminense and the Corinthians |  Corinthians

Róger Guedes joins “Tropa do Calvo” and interacts with the moments between the Fluminense and the Corinthians | Corinthians

On the video for Corinthians Television, Roger Guedes responded to the bids with a 2-2 draw with Fluminense, in the first leg of the semi-finals of the Copa del Rey. The striker lived a good stage, he left the striker in this interview format.

Timão’s No. 10 commented on Du Queiroz’s jokes, admitted he was from “Tropa do Calvo”, a joke on social networks, and took a wave with an isolated kick by the young midfielder.

– Kick Do was a joke. Cassio saw her from the goal. I’m afraid the camera will catch because I’m starting to have a fit of laughter. Kick it for God’s sake. He likes to stand on my bald feet, but he already has the crowd, he’s already at Tropa do Calvo, so let’s go – the player joked.

Roger Guedes’ reaction to Corinthians’ draw against Fluminense

Despite the jokes, Róger Guedes was also serious. Regarding the same goal, the striker explained that it was the result of a coach playing between him and Wagner since 2021.

It was a goal that Wagner and I practiced a lot in training. He is a man who found this pass. I really love doing this movement. And Wagner, since last year, has already been trying that move. Thank God, against Fluminense, it worked.

Róger Guedes plays ‘bald squad’, sacked by Du Queiroz and commented on Corinthians’ tie against Fluminense – Image: clone

The striker commented on the significance of his celebration when he took off his shirt and raised the number 10 midfield.

– I am very happy that I helped the team with a goal in this match. The dimension is very large. My first in the Maracana too. Ramiro was trying to get his foot out, right? Thank God she hit the beam and came in to be mine (laughs). “I wanted to show the fans that I’m wearing the Number 10 today, and that they are well served,” Roger said.

Corinthians Banner – Photo: Reproduction

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