December 9, 2022
Rogerio Ceni asked to leave São Paulo twice;  The club denies

Rogerio Ceni asked to leave São Paulo twice; The club denies

Rogerio Ceni carried out what he had promised before the decision of the Copa Sudamericana. After failing to win the title with Sao Paulo, the coach, according to Lance! Find out, make the post available. On two occasions. However, the board managed to convince the coach to stay at least until the end of the Brazilian championship. The club denied the fact (Check out the full club note at the end of this text, updated at 4:05 p.m.).

This is because he had the effect of changing the tone of the coach’s lines after the defeat against Botafogo in Morumbi. The meeting that sealed Sene’s stay – albeit temporary – took place shortly after the delegation’s return to Brazil. So, before the duel of Brazil.

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according to what was found L!, the change in tone includes at least two conversations the coach had with the managers, one of which was right after returning to tri-color training after his stay in Cordoba. In both, Ceni requested the accounts and was convinced to address the problem only after Brasileirão was over.

For the report, two people close to Sene cited the recent chain of events as central to his decision to make the position available to the board even before the end of the year. The most important of which is the leaking of players’ salaries to the club’s organizing supporters and the failure to pay what is owed to rights such as the prize money and image rights. These facts did not anger even Sao Paulo’s football coordinator, Maurice Ramalho.

I intend to fulfill it until 2023 (the contract). Nothing prevents me from leaving sooner, [porque] There is a double penalty in the contract. The club may not want me to stay… How many coaches have closed the year as a coach? There were three or four who managed to start and end the year. Football is like this – said Ceni, who continued:

– We present the results. If we don’t get results, it doesn’t make sense to continue, neither for the club nor for me. This year, we are no longer able to give results, although I think Sao Paulo managed to go far in many competitions – but they could not achieve the main thing, which was to win the title.

A new conversation is expected

A new round of talks between Sene, his commission, Morrissey and the Tricolor Berets is expected to re-introduce the group after the defeat on Sunday afternoon (11), at Barra Fonda CT. The drawings are for the start of the 2023 Planning Draft.

also like L! Revealed, management Julio Casares aims to hit up to two reinforcements in a hurry to help convince the coach to stay. It may not be enough. And it will turn out to be quite problematic, because, at the moment, there are no options for evaluating your place.

Check out the entire Sao Paulo memo

Through his advice, São Paulo informed L! who “is not aware of the information that Rogerio Ceni has requested to leave and that there is no need for the board of directors to persuade him to stay until the end of the season.”

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