March 21, 2023
Romantic or barbaric?  Oto becomes Prisa's doormat and spoils his life in Travessia · TV news

Romantic or barbaric? Oto becomes Prisa’s doormat and spoils his life in Travessia · TV news

Hopeless romantic or nonsense in the hands of a woman? OttoRomulo Estrella’s character, even began to sob at the women watching Transit🇧🇷 but breeze (Lucy Alves) is still trying to figure out how the hacker feels about her. Unable to get the woman from Maranhão out of his mind, he insists that his wife move to Portugal with him in the 9 o’clock Globo serial.

Otto will help, once again, the washerwoman, who will be devastated after discovering that Ari (Chai Suede) claimed in the custody process of Tonho (Vicente Alvet) that she abandoned her son. Karina (Daniel Olympia) is the one who will call her friend’s phone hackers to tell her what’s going on.

A man in love, of course, will run to Vila Isabel and He will make the same proposal to his beloved🇧🇷 Confused, she doesn’t want to leave the boy in Brazil. Oto will argue that they take care of the operation in Portugal. “Come with me, Brieze…get away from all this…Breeze… I will take care of your child as if he were my own.… “, he says, in love.

Otto will admit that she spoiled her head and her life. “I have already noticed your technique: you throw everything in the air with the greatest ease … Take a plane
He hides, risking his job to keep getting me from here to there…,” the woman from Maranhão will say suspiciously. And what does that mean? huh? “

Prisa tries to lighten the mood: “It means you don’t have much sense.” At this moment, Otto will throw all his magic on the laundress, who will act cruelly: “This means that I am able to change
long life🇧🇷 That’s what it means! Don’t get lost in me…if I change
Idea… call me and I’ll come to you. Wherever you are, I come … “.

Ari, who will be watching the scene from afar, will arrive by surprise and strike his rival. But by harming the hacker, the architect will bring the ex-fiancé even closer to the character of Romulo Estrella.

While making bandages and touching the handsome body, The girl will find herself in love In the Gloria Perez series. So much so that she would kiss the boy a few days later.

Travessia is a telenovela by Gloria Perez. The plot has the artistic direction of Mauro Mendonca Filho and is set in Rio de Janeiro and Maranhão.

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