Rona McDaniel: The RNC chair struggles to convince Republicans to vote in the Georgia run-off

Incumbent Senators David Purdue and Kelly Loeffler face tough re-election battles in the January 2 run-off election that could determine control of the US Senate.

“No decision has been taken. That’s the key – it has not been determined,” McDaniel told a fiery crowd of Republicans who turned Saturday’s congressional congressional session into a public display of the grievances surrounding the November 3 election.

She cited the results approved for the Senate race in Georgia on November 3, which showed Purdue leads John Oseff in the Democratic contest by more than 88,000 votes. In Georgia, if no candidate gets more than 50% of the vote, the two largest vote-holders head to the run-off.

“If you lose your faith and don’t vote and people turn away – he will decide,” McDaniel said.

President Donald Trump who It was announced Thursday that he will travel to Georgia Next week, as part of the Loeffler and Purdue campaign, unfounded allegations of widespread fraud were made in Georgia, calling Republican Secretary of State Brad Ravensberger “the enemy of the people”.

“Well, I told (Senator Lewifler and Perdue) today, I think you’re dealing in a very fraudulent system. I’m very concerned about that,” the president said during a press conference on Thursday, describing both Republican senators as “people.”

Over the course of Saturday’s 20-minute event, McDaniel answered questions from Republicans based on a series of false claims from Trump about the approved election results in Georgia, including at least one elector. alleged Voting machines altered the votes cast in favor of the president.

“We didn’t see that in the review, so we just have to … that … that evidence that we haven’t seen, so we have to wait and see,” she said.

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In the conclusion of her remarks, McDaniel appealed to voters, “disaffected by some Republicans,” including Ravensberger, “to focus on the task at hand.”

“It’s John Usoff and (Raphael) Warnock,” McDaniel said, prompting someone in the audience to yell, “Donald Trump!”

McDaniel continued, “But we have to focus on the 5th of January for the time being.” “We can deal with those other things later.”

Speaking to reporters after the event, the FNC president dismissed concerns that concerns about the legality of the elections might discourage the president’s supporters from voting in the run-off.

“The president has said unequivocally that he supports Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue and will come to Georgia to campaign,” she told CNN.

“And they will need him here to campaign, because as you saw in that room, the president has wide support here in Georgia and they want to see him there in the election campaign for these candidates, as he continues to fight his battles and make sure that his election was fair and transparent.”

Vice President Mike Pence is also expected to return to Georgia – likely next Friday, the day before Trump’s trip – a source close to the Purdue and Loeffler campaigns told CNN.

On a walking tour of Small Business on Saturday in Atlanta, Oseff described Republican claims as a “distraction.”

He said, “So all this nonsense and dispersion, and denial of the election result, we need to focus on containing the spread of this virus and expediting direct financial relief to the ordinary Americans who are suffering.”

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This story has been updated with additional reports.

Mayev Reston and Kristen Holmes of CNN contributed to this report.

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