May 31, 2023

Ronaldo Fenomeno talks on TV about the condition of the man in the trunk | capital Cities

A video of the former Ronaldo player opening the trunk of his car upon arriving at the stadium where the man had left, went viral on Monday.

Ronaldo Fénomeno took part in an interview on SportTV on Monday (24/4) and commented on the viral video in which a man got out of the trunk of the former player’s car, upon his arrival at the Esteghlal Stadium. As I’ve already revealed for this column, it was all just a ride.

According to Fenomeno, the car needed to carry more people than the places allowed. So one of the guests had to go to the bag.

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is a model
The man’s name is Marcio Souza

But he also has a degree in biology
Ronaldo pulled a man out of the trunk of his car


“It was one trip, the car was full, seven people in a five-person van. Selena [Locks, esposa de Ronaldo] He answered me on my lap and her friend went to the bag.

As Ronaldo said backstage on this busy day: “They contacted Vitor, my director of communications at Cruzeiro, to ask for a position in the ring with the trunk. Then I said: Hey Vitor, tell me you are [sic] busy at work’. No one answered no, keep the mystery.”