February 6, 2023
Ronaldo Giovannili talks about 'strong sponsor' and reinforcements for Corinthians in 2022

Ronaldo Giovannili talks about ‘strong sponsor’ and reinforcements for Corinthians in 2022

The 2021 season is not over for Corinthians, but the club is already preparing for 2022. The one who sparked the Corinthians news this time is former goalkeeper and sports commentator Ronaldo Giovannilli.

Idol Alfinegro has talked about some of the club’s board of directors’ plans for next year. According to him, Corinthians are preparing to announce a main sponsor, which will help in assigning new names to the main team. The goalkeeper spoke again about Paulinho and also mentioned the possibility of an attacking heart.

Corinthians will be coming up with a very strong sponsorship next year for these signings Spoken by Marco Bello (Corinthian and Sectoral journalist). It looks like it’s already in the pen and all that’s left is advertising, Because what works on Adriano, Secretary, Wagner, Vice President, and Duilio, is on top of this sponsor for the next year because of the Libertadores…. So stick the chair in there, because I think he’s not just going to come Paulinho! Looks like another attacker will come too. Reaching and solving it is expensive, because the Shepherd, whose name I do not yet have but will know about, is very powerful. And the money that will come will make it easier and pay the salaries of those men who will come to the LibertadoresHe said during his participation in crack talk, a program Transamerica Radio.

Regarding the possible employment of Paulinho, it is worth remembering that Dulio and Roberto de Andrade have already expressed their wishes. According to the husband, Both the club and the athlete want to achieve this meeting.

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