December 8, 2022
Ronaldo hopes to sign Palmeiras striker for 2023

Ronaldo hopes to sign Palmeiras striker for 2023

Credit: Rodrigo Sanchez/Cruzeiro | Fabio Menotti / AG. Palm trees

Champion of Series B and returning to the elite of Brazilian football in 2023, Cruzeiro is already moving in search of reinforcements for next season and has one of the targets, striker Wesley, 23, who belongs to Palmeiras. The information was revealed by journalist Romario Jr., from the Bolavip Brasil website.

“The trend is for Cruzeiro to try to persuade Leila Pereira to lend the 23-year-old an option or even a buying commitment. The striker, in order to play more, may end up accepting a new challenge in his career next year,” said journalist Romario Jr., from Bolavip Brasil.

Bahia in dispute

Striker Wesley is currently in the Palmeiras reserve and could be negotiated for the 2023 season. According to journalist Jorge Nicola, the City group also want to appoint the player to boost Bahia next year.

“I already expect Wesley, the Palmeiras striker, to be one of the targets of the City group. Until then, it was just speculation and people added the fact that Wesley was a fan of Bahia. Before he played for Palmeiras, Jorge Nicola said, on his YouTube channel, last month, He previously declared himself a fan of the band Bahia.

The journalist also reported that “all close friends know that Wesley is a die-hard fan of Bahia” and that Grupo City had already tried to sign a striker for New York City, in the US, and Troy in France.

“Now, someone has assured me that Wesley is indeed one of Citigroup’s targets for next season. I think Wesley can make a lot of noise in Bahia, and it would be a good name to start with,” concluded Nicolas.

Wesley was revealed in Palmeiras’ base categories and has a contract until December 2025. This year, the 11 jersey has 48 games, three goals and five assists.